Visual novel Clannad to hit Steam

Visual novels have sure been making a wave in Western audiences as of late.  An increasing number of them are being localized officially and brought to Steam, where many gamers can enjoy their stories where (if they don’t understand Japanese) they couldn’t have legally before.  Sakai Project has noticed this and has been bringing a number of the titles Westward, and just recently they have announced that they are bringing Clannad, for the first time in English, over to Steam.

This is from the anime, but... hey.

This is from the anime, but… hey.

Clannad is actually an older visual novel, first released in 2004.  Since then, the original game has received a fan translation, and the series has expanded to a number of other media outlets, including several mangas and animes.  The story focuses around a delinquent high school student during his last year of school, and the romantic and dramatic interactions he has with a number of girls during this last year.  Despite the rather cliche setting, though, there are some interesting twists for those willing to delve into the whole experience.

The version of the game that Sekai Project is localizing is Clannad: Full Voice Version, which… as the name suggests, is fully voiced.  There aren’t any other details available at this time, so its release date and price are still unknown.

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