Bayonetta 2 heads West in October

Nintendo has confirmed that Platinum Games‘ favourite witch is preparing for international release, with Bayonetta 2 hitting western audiences just over a month after its Japanese debut.

When the game is launched, you’ll be able to get both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 from the Nintendo eShop – and if you pick them both up, you’ll snag a tasty discount.

Separately, the original game will cost AU$50, with the sequel priced at AU$70 – but you can grab them together for just AU$80, if that’s what you’re into.

Bayonetta herself will be able to dress up to the nines in this new game – all the cosplay costumes available in the Wii U remake of Bayonetta will be available in the sequel, as well as an all-new exclusive outfit. If you’ve ever wanted to see Bayonetta dressed as Princess Peach, Link, Samus or Fox McCloud, now’s your chance.

Bayonetta 2 hits North America and Europe from October 24, while Australia and New Zealand must wait one extra day, until October 25.

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