Report: Notch looking to leave Mojang after buyout

We learned yesterday that Microsoft was reportedly in talks to buy Minecraft creator Mojang, and today more details have come to light – including the fact that it apparently wasn’t Microsoft who made the first move.

Minecraft / Halo Mash-Up

Minecraft / Halo Mash-Up

Instead, Bloomberg reports that Markus “Notch” Persson got in touch with the software giant with the idea, following Minecraft‘s runaway success on Xbox.

The stories we’re hearing are coming from “people familiar with the companies”, who claim the conversation has been going on for “a few months” now. Reportedly, Microsoft and Mojang have agreed on a framework and an approximate price (we’re told US$2bn+), but we still haven’t seen anything official from either company. Notch himself even staying uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter.

Of more interest to fans is the revelation that while Notch will help out with the transition from indie studio to in-house Microsoft developer, he is unlikely to remain at the studio for long after it’s complete.

It’s not a surprising move for the developer, who has previously been vocal about his dislike for Windows and other Microsoft products – some analysts believe Notch will use the money from the sale to move onto something bigger, better, and once again independent, once the job is complete.

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