First game announced for new Apple Watch

Apple‘s latest gadget, the Apple Watch, is prompting all sorts of discussions in the two days since it was officially announced. While nobody seems quite sure what to do with the thing, game developer Flying Tiger Entertainment has it all figured out.

iArm Wrestle Champs is already available for Android and iPhone, but the studio’s already figuring out how it could work on the new technology. It’s a perfect fit for a device that’s already on your arm, after all.

The current version has you and your opponent both gripping a smartphone, which uses its accelerometer to track directional movement, adding commentary and a boxing bell at the end of each match – effectively adding an audience.

While you’ll still need an iPhone for it all to work, the Apple Watch also features an accelerometer, but would remove the awkward smartphone element to provide a better wrestling experience.

The Apple Watch is due out some time in 2015, Flying Tiger Entertainment is also working on a version for Android smartwatches already on the market.

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