Report: Microsoft to buy Minecraft studio for $2bn+

A surprising story’s emerged today that suggests Microsoft is looking to buy Minecraft developer Mojang, with a price tag of “more than US$2 billion”.

Neither company’s made any public statement on the matter, but “a person with knowledge of the matter” has spoken to The Wall Street Journal, claiming the deal could be signed within coming days.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition

Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition

If the sale does eventuate, it’s a surprising move for Mojang, with founder Markus “Notch” Persson famously speaking out against outside investment and large corporations.

Of course, it’s less surprising for Microsoft. Minecraft made more than US$100 million in profits last year (across both the game and merchandise sales), and would breathe new life into the company’s gaming arm. It would also provide the first multibillion-dollar acquisition for Satya Nadella, who became Microsoft‘s chief executive in February.

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