Madden 15 introduces a whole new way to trash talk!

Now if I know anything about the Internetz, it’s that it:
a) Demands to be treated as a proper noun in Word.
b) Loves cats.
c) Possibly loves .GIF’s even more!

Well, EA Sports have apparently cottoned on to this fact and have released the “Madden GIFerator“, an image engine that allows football fans and trolls alike to create and share .GIF’s to trash-talk their former friends and future rivals!

Anybody using the ‘GIFerator’ will have access to an assortment of premade .GIF’s using in-game assets from Madden 15, with different sets available for each of the 32 teams. EA have stated that what’s up at the moment is just a jumping off point, with new .GIF’s being added in real time with each big play in the NFL over the course of the season.

The generator itself could be anymore easy to use. Pick your team, pick your star, chuck it on a background, add some words that’ll reduce your opponent to a sniveling ball of self doubt and BOOM! You got yourself a .GIF worthy of the hall of fame, baby! Much like this one:

They will always remember the day they played the Titans!

They will always remember the day they played the Titans!

Madden 15 hail mary’d its way onto the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 earlier this week and just a heads up for all you football fans out there, the first game of the regular season kicked off this morning (Australia time) with the Green Bay Packers playing the Seattle Seahawks at home.

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