Deadhold strategically plans to take over MOBA

Traditionally, when games are announced, there’s as much fuss made over the developer as there is over the game itself. Not so for Deadhold. We know that it’s a new MOBA in development. We know that it’s headed to Windows PC, OSX and Linux. We don’t know who’s making it.

Combining bits and pieces of action real-time strategy games as well as multiplayer online battle arenas, Deadhold is solidly set in a world of dark fantasy Vikings, a stoic Norse empire, enraged Frost Giants, exploding Goblins, and a myriad of other mutant horrors.

The game itself is inspired by both Dota 2 and Bungie‘s Myth series, promising to focus on squad-based combat. And it does more than just acknowledge the past, enlisting former Myth 3 developers to work on the project.

Doug Zartman was PR director at Bungie, so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the new game:

I’m excited by Deadhold’s ambition to bridge the gap between tactical RTS and MOBA. The careful maneuvering, formations, use of terrain and unit specialties that players loved in Myth, plus the frenetic backĀ­andĀ­forth of a game like LoL promises to be a powerful combination indeed. Cannot wait to play this.

Zartman is working on the project alongside developers who have contributed to Homefront, Frontlines: Fuel of War, Battlefield 2 and the Borderlands series. We don’t know what the new studio is calling itself, but it doesn’t matter. With a pedigree like that, all eyes are on Deadhold.

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