Super Meat Boy: Forever brings challenge to mobile

If you loved Super Meat Boy but didn’t love the fact you couldn’t play it on mobile devices or tablets, Team Meat has good news for you! Super Meat Boy: Forever is headed to all sorts of portable things, as well as PC and “possibly” other formats, in time.

Super Meat Boy: Forever

Super Meat Boy: Forever

Team Meat spokesperson Edmund McMillen explains

Our goal with SMB:F is to design a new full length platformer for touch devices from the ground up to avoid tacking bad controls on an existing design. We want to make something that embodies the original Super Meat Boy but is designed around a simple yet intuitive control scheme allowing for pin point accuracy and surprisingly deep controls without the use of multiple buttons/analog sticks.

So: We’re looking at a game in two parts – a full six chapter campaign and an endless runner mode. The bosses you love to hate from Super Meat Boy are back, and there’s twice as many of them, but this time around you’ll be able to play as all-new indie game characters to keep it interesting.

Far from being a simple port, the studio’s also throwing in a new randomly-generated level structure into SMB:F, promising a “totally new play experience with each death” (and, obviously, you’ll still die a lot).

Super Meat Boy: Forever has only been in development for a few months, but the team’s obviously loving the project – and they’re quick to point out that the game “will not use abusive $ tactics to drain your wallet and cheapen the game experience”. Phew!

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