PlayStation 4 Minecraft hits Europe tomorrow

Two weeks ago, we learned that Minecraft had failed Sony’s certification test, putting the promised September release of the world builder for PlayStation 4 in jeopardy. Or so we thought – news to hand shows that the game’s reached its deadline, landing on the European PlayStation Store tomorrow.

Minecraft on PS4

4J Studios’ new Twitter Header

The update came via the PlayStation France Twitter account:

bonjour, la version dématérialisée oui, demain. Pas de date pour la version physique

…to translate: The virtual version of the game will launch tomorrow, but they do not yet have a date for physical copies.

While a European update does not guarantee an international launch, the fact that console developer 4J Studios has updated its Twitter account to feature a PlayStation 4-themed image is a good sign.

That said, while the European PlayStation Store updates on Wednesdays, the North American version gets new content on Tuesdays, so it’s very possible our European brethren will be playing Minecraft on PS4 for a week or so before the Americans.

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