Fan-created content crashing The Sims 4

We’re promised that The Sims 4 will support mods, but it seems it’s not quite there yet, with the news that carefully-created mods for the Create-A-Sim demo will not work with the full version of the game.

Gamers around the world who are getting their hands on early retail versions of the full game are reporting mixed results. Some mods are loading but not working, others are working in unexpected ways, some are working perfectly, and still others are crashing the game entirely.

The fan community suggests that it’s a good idea to remove all custom-created content and re-colours for The Sims 4 prior to installing the full game.

Given the way the community works, it shouldn’t be too long before modded versions of the mods start resurfacing (at least one has been updated already), and you’ll be able to re-add all your custom content to the full game and create the Sims 4 life you’ve always wanted.

The Sims 4 is out in North America on September 2, hitting Australia and Europe on September 4, and UK and New Zealand from September 5.

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