250+ PSP games available for free on Vita

If you’re still hanging onto the hope that, one day, Sony will reach out an olive branch to its handheld fans, you can smile. That day is nearly upon us, with the company announcing more than 250 PSP games will be offered to Vita gamers – for free.

UMD Passport

UMD Passport

The UMD Passport is restricted to Japan only at this stage, and has been running for a while, offering gamers discounted digital versions of PSP titles for Vita. Starting September 17 though, if you’re in the right part of the world, have a PS Vita and a PS Plus subscription, you’ll soon have access to the entire 250+ game catalogue, for free.

The list includes both Sony‘s first-party titles like LocoRoco and Gran Turismo, but also big third-party names like Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

There’s no word yet on whether or not this offer will be extended to additional territories. The original UMD Passport was not available outside of Japan, so while we might have our fingers crossed, we’re not sure how likely it is that we’ll get access to the freebies either.

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