Double Fine has Grim Fandango running on PS4

Double Fine has taken advantage of the long weekend in the U.S. by releasing a snippet of video showing Grim Fandango running on a PlayStation 4. Keep in minid that this is the original Manny Calavera adventure, not the Remastered version the studio’s working on, but it’s still kinda glorious.

The classic version of the game is using a “super low-resolution codec” on the new-generation hardware, something the studio is obviously hoping to fix in the Remastered edition – and it’s also running some really old code.

Double Fine producer Mark Cooke explains:

Right now, we’re working off the original game files, which of course were really small and compressed for systems of their time. It still kind of depends on whether or not we get those original assets.

That said, the team is having a great time digging back through all the archives and uncovering the many many CDs full of data. Cooke promises the final version of the game will “be running at 1080p”, and the team’s already working to implement new pixel lighting and “some additional post-process effects”.

We don’t yet have a due date for Grim Fandango: Remastered, but it’s good to see that Double Fine is hard at work on the project behind the scenes.

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