Rift (the MMO) adds support for Rift (the VR headset)

There’s no easy way to say this: Rift is adding support for Rift, which either sounds like a ridiculous Xzibit-style statement or a particularly awesome announcement for MMO fans. Either way, it’s happening.

Rift (the MMO) on Rift (the VR headset) - a First Person view

Rift (the MMO) on Rift (the VR headset) – a First Person view

Trion Worlds developer Pithos explained on the game’s forums that the fantasy RPG is exploring “experimental functionality”, by adding support for the Oculus VR dev kits.

Work’s been going on for a while on this project, with Pithos explaining that the studio’s got it to a point now where they’re happy to share it with players and gather feedback – but warns it’s not perfect.

  • Oculus support in Rift is currently experimental, and we reserve the right to disable or remove it at any time.
  • Direct mode is not supported at this time. You will need to use the “Extend Desktop” display mode.
  • Framerate, unless you have an extremely powerful machine, is not at the recommended value at this time. At the moment, you should generally expect your FPS in Oculus mode to be half what it normally is.
  • UI support is very minimal. The mouse cursor will only render on a single eye at a time, and you’ll find that while accurate in the center of the screen, the further you move from the center of the screen, the less accurate it is.
  • Oculus support is on PTS/Alpha *now* and will be on the Live shard with this week’s hotfix (ETA: Wednesday US, Thursday EU).
  • Oculus mode makes a couple existing lighting / shadow bugs in Rift more obvious. They’re not too bad, but you may want to turn shadows off and/or lower lighting quality to 3, to avoid the worst of these issues.

…that said, if you’d like to jump into the world of Telara in immersive 3D, the functionality’s now at hand!

Rift (the MMO) on Rift (the VR headset) - a Third Person view

Rift (the MMO) on Rift (the VR headset) – a Third Person view

If you have an Oculus Dev Kit, please give Oculus mode a try – let us know how it works for you and tell us what you think. In particular – Any thoughts on what we should do to make the UI better and more usable?

In a nice touch, Pithos is quick to point out that “No Nightmare Tide features were harmed in the coding of Oculus support” – the developers worked on the Oculus project in their own time, while all their official work hours were sucked up by the upcoming content expansion.

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