SimCity Mod makes big cities possible

At launch, Maxis said there were “technical limitations” that restricted the size of your plots in SimCity. Now, more than a year later, modders have discovered that might not quite be the case, as Project Orion expands city boundaries by nearly fourfold.

SimCity Mod: Project Orion

SimCity Mod: Project Orion

Discovered by VG247, the new mod extends boundaries to 3km, but it’s not perfect. Sounds like it’s the sort of thing that should only be used when you’re planning a single city, as the super-sized plot may cause difficulties in neighbouring settlements, and things like pollution and land values might be out of whack. If you’re prepared to put up with that, then bigger cities are just a quick download away!

Maxis has made no official comment on the topic, but when the game was launched, explained that “months of testing” had gone into the city size, with “system performance issues” making anything larger than standard impossible.

Remember though, the studio also claimed offline play was impossible, something that was quickly proven wrong by the mod community, leading to official support for the feature. Perhaps these larger cities will soon be accepted as well.

You’ll need a copy of SimCity installed for this to work, and you can download the Project Orion mod from Simtropolis (make sure you read all the notes), and get building!

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