Age of Empires is back… well, kinda

We like touch-based games and we love Age of Empires, but we’re not sure quite whether or not we like this. Microsoft has revealed a brand new game – Age of Empires: Castle Siege, and it’s headed exclusively to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Pick your civilization (including the Teutons, Britons and Kievan Rus), fortify your castle, protect your city, train your armies and then – wait for it – attack other people’s castles! (What else were you expecting, really?)

The thing that sets Castle Siege apart, says Microsoft, is the way the game has been designed for touch devices – you can control your armies with the swipe of a finger.

It’s in the works at Smoking Gun Interactive, the team behind Kinect Doodle Jump, Mars Rover Landing, Kinect Adventures and an assortment of Kinect Fun Labs titles.

Due out next month some time for Windows 8, tablets and mobile phones, Castle Siege is already copping flak for some obvious similarities to super-popular mobile smash Clash of Clans. We’ll leave it up to history to decide the victor.

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