Diablo III update introduces Ladder Mode

With more people now able to play Diablo III than ever before, thanks to the game’s recent console launch, it seems like the perfect time to release a new patch. So that’s exactly what Blizzard is doing, with the 2.1 update due out this week and bringing some major changes with it.

Described as the biggest free update in the history of the game, 2.1 adds new game modes, rebalances classes, throws in a bunch of new items and revamps game zones. The most exciting change for many gamers? The re-introduction of a Ladder Mode (a variation on the one featured in Diablo II).

Now called “Seasons” mode, it’s a simple little thing: Create a brand new, Level 1 character, and race to see how far they can progress within a set amount of time. (The first Season challenge will kick off a little later this week, a few days after the update lands.)

There are also new endless dungeons – Greater Rifts – a variant on the Reaper of Souls-added Nephalem Rifts. These have a time limit, and if you can complete the challenging dungeon within the set time, you’ll receive a key to an increasingly more difficult rift, which also has a time limit… and so on. Your rewards? Upgradable, legendary gems!

There’s also two new zones – the Cesspools and the Vault (home to the treasure goblins) – plus a whole stack of neat little housekeeping tweaks.

Want to know more? Check out the official Patch Notes, and stay tuned. At this stage, we’re not sure whether this patch is headed to Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on consoles, but we’ve got our fingers crossed!

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