Protect Me, Knight! 2 coming to the 3DS

Have you ever enjoyed an Xbox Live Indie Game by the name of Protect Me, Knight!?  If you haven’t, and have a few friends available for some couch co-op, I highly recommend you grab it for the low, low price of $3, you get a fun, party-flavored tower defense sort of game where you protect a poor princess from being beaten up by hoards of monsters… after all, you don’t want her to scream and destroy everything.

The 8-bit title is a pretty fun and well made adventure, allowing you to pick from different character classes and asking you to manage resources between powering your character up and building defenses to keep your princess safe.  Fun as it was, though, a sequel seemed unlikely, but developer Ancient is going to deliver Protect Me, Knight! 2 to eager fans, albeit for a different system.

Other than the completely rocking soundtrack, Protect Me Knight! 2 offers plenty of other features above its prequel, including even more classes to choose from and a level editor.

Protect Me, Knight! 2 will hit the 3DS eShop in Japan sometime this September.  There aren’t any plans to release the game in North America or Europe yet, but you can always keep your fingers crossed!

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