This cute old school RPG is only $1.99

Looking for some RPG action, but really short on funds?  Playism has you covered, as they just localized the indie RPG Helen’s Mysterious Castle for English speaking audiences… and it’s a steal for only two dollars!

Helen’s Mysterious Castle stars the titular Helen, as she explores a dangerous and maze-like castle near her home, seeking answers to her past and present.  It seems to feature a pretty in-depth, but not too deep, battle system to work with, too.  Here’s a trailer for the English release:

There’s also a little blurb about what the creator wanted to achieve with this RPGMaker title:

The game was designed to make you think, just a little bit. Players have to figure out the answers for themselves, but the game isn’t meant to be overly complex. Anyone who’s tired of either games that are simply too complicated or conversely having their hand being held throughout the game might have something to take away from this title. Because this game was originally made so most people could play through it without too much trouble, I’ve added a trickier bonus dungeon for those playing the English version, who I assume will be more ‘core’ in what they’re looking for. And if that isn’t enough, there’s one more interesting surprise waiting for you…

If all this has gotten your interest piqued, you can go and buy Helen’s Mysterious Castle right now from Playism.

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