Freedom Wars heading West in October

Freedom Wars, the Vita title that lifts some gameplay ideas from the Monster Hunter series and places them in an elaborate prison complex, will be reaching North American and Europe this October.  The game takes place in a bleak future where people are imprisoned before they even commit their future crimes, and given ludicrous sentences of 1 million years.

Freedom Wars

Freedom Wars

Freedom Wars has a mission-based format very similar to Monster Hunter and Gods Eater Burst (the latter of which being created by the same studio), but the story itself seems to still be a bit of a mystery.  No spoiler alerts here!

Anyway, Freedom Wars will release October 28th in North America, and October 31st in Europe.  Both regions will get a physical release, and Sony has announced that certain (currently unknown) participating retailers, as well as PSN itself, will have special pre-order DLC bonuses that include costumes, weapons, and items.

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