The Evil Within trophy/achievement list is a challenge

The folks behind The Evil Within have gone out of their way to make the upcoming game anything but a walk in the park. It makes sense then that the game’s achievement list is also a bit of a challenge – because where’s the fun in just reading a bunch of text?

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks have created a matching game – pair the icons up with the achievement titles. Some are kinda obvious… some are not-so. If you think hard enough, you’ll figure them out – but be warned, as with all achievement/trophy lists, there are potential spoilers lurking here. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, you’ll get the guide and a spiffy desktop wallpaper!

The Evil Within - What are these icons for?

The Evil Within – What are these icons for?

The developers are predicting 15+ (“probably 20+”) hours of horror, and that’s just if you’re playing on default “Survival” difficulty. It’ll take longer if you want to play on the game’s most challenging mode (AKUMU), check out New Game + mode, or collect all of these achievements.

The choice, obviously, is yours.

The Evil Within is set to terrify gamers from October 14 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

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