Yokai Watch to release internationally next year

Yokai Watch is a bit of a phenomenon in Japan.  At this point, the series is a multimedia franchise, and its games and anime are extremely popular in the Eastern country.  The second game released to impressively high sales, and has been quite the success for developer Level 5.

Yokai Watch

Yokai Watch

Despite all that, though, the Yokai Watch series has yet to leave its home country in any form… but Level 5 is planning on changing that next year.  Company president Akihiro Hino has stated that they are ‘eyeing the overseas market’ in preparation for Yokai Watch‘s Western release in 2015.  Other than the original 3DS game, it’s difficult to determine what else from the franchise Level 5 might localize, though it would seem like a misstep to not work on bringing the anime to a larger audience, at the least.

Little else has been announced about the game’s localization, but more is sure to be known once we enter 2015!

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