Minecraft fails PS4 certification

While Minecraft is still making people very happy across the globe, it seems the game failed to impress the right ones: The PlayStation 4 version of the blocky world builder has failed Sony‘s certification test, meaning the upcoming console release has been delayed.

Minecraft on PS4

Minecraft on PS4

Developer 4J Studios announced via Twitter that the publisher “found some issues” in the final test:

We’re fixing, but we need to go through the process again.

Minecraft was submitted to Sony on August 12, and – if all had gone well – it was expected to launch on the new platform later this month. We’re not sure how far back the re-submission will push that predicted date.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Vita version of the game is currently undergoing bug testing – 4J is hopeful that version will launch later this month. The version for Xbox One is also expected to launch in August, with 4J hurriedly fixing remaining bugs before sending the game off to Microsoft.

Remember: If you’ve already got Minecraft on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to pay just $5 to grab it on Xbox One or PS4, and your saves will magically carry over to the new platforms. Similarly, if you pick up the game on Vita, it’s a cross-buy offering with the PS3 version. So many options! Maybe it’s good you’ve got a little while longer to plan your purchases!

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