Australia getting "Xbox, on" command in September

When we chatted with Jeremy Hinton from Xbox Australia earlier this year, he promised that Aussie gamers would enjoy extra features on the Xbox One “soon”. Today, we’ve learned how soon he meant: You’ll be able to say “Xbox, on” when the next firmware update hits in September.

Xbox, on!

Xbox, on!

In just a few weeks, we too will be able to experience the joy that is your console being woken up by television shows and video streams, as the voice-activated functionality is finally put in place Down Under.

Of course, if you don’t want your console being activated by a voice command or two, you can always turn the functionality off, by heading to Power Options in the Power & Startup section of the Settings menu.

Lucky Aussies in the Xbox One preview program are already turning their consoles on and off with just a couple of words via Kinect, and the update is rolling out to everybody next month.

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