Is this a Robin Williams tribute in World of Warcraft?

A non-playable character known as Robin the Entertainer has popped up in the latest beta build of Warlords of Draenor. While the studio is yet to make any formal announcements, it’s believed this could be (part of) Blizzard‘s tribute to comedian and avid gamer, Robin Williams.

Robin, The Entertainer

Robin, The Entertainer

Following Williams’ death on August 11, fans quickly petitioned Blizzard, asking that the actor be recognised in World of Warcraft. The developer acknowledged the request, and it looks like it might have acted faster than we’d expected.

World of Warcraft fansite WoWhead has dug around in the latest beta build and come up with three different versions of Robin the Entertainer – a human female, a human male with suspenders, and a large, swirling purple djinn.

Fans wonder if the human characters are references to Mrs. Doubtfire and Mork from Ork, and we don’t need to point out that “djinn” is another name for “Genie“, do we?

The NPCs have not yet appeared in-game, so we’re not sure whether each one will appear in a different location, or if it’s just three versions of the one character, representing some of Williams’ most loved roles.

…however! These are not new character models. The purple djinn appeared in Cataclysm, and was an enemy boss (which is why the model is so angry). This all could be a coincidence – but “Robin, The Entertainer” is a pretty unusual bit of synchronicity if it’s not linked to the comedian.

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