Bungie To Return Shares to Fired Halo Composer

Marty O’Donnell, the longtime Bungie composer responsible for the music of Halo and of the soon-to-be-released Destiny, will be receiving his just desserts. After being terminated inexplicably from the mega-hit team of game makers back in April, Marty’s founder shares were revoked. But they will soon be restored according to a recent statement made by arbitration during a preliminary injunction.

The founder shares would have entitled O’Donnell to sit at board meetings and perhaps have a hand in other functions. Bungie objected to this, stating that the composer would be a “bothersome presence.” According to VentureBeat, arbitration overruled Bungie’s complaints, citing that O’Donnell’s shares were stripped unjustly since his termination was not voluntary, as would’ve been required in order to take away founder shares according to the original contract.

A murky cloud still surrounds the exact nature of O’Donnell’s firing. While many beloved fans are quick to side with the composer, it’s important to remember that the details of his termination are unknown, and Bungie’s decision may be on the level. Nevertheless, Marty’s music will be sorely missed in upcoming Bungie releases, and it will be interesting to see if the next composer can fill his shoes.

Founder shares are generally issued to the originators of a company, but they may be given to key employees as part of a payment package. In this case, Marty was one of the seven founders of Bungie – then titled Arete Seven LLC – back in 1991. Makes you wonder what could’ve gone wrong after 23 years…

Till we find out more, let us bask innocently in the memorable music of the Halo series.

Halo 1 OST:

Halo 2 OST:

Halo 3 OST:




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