Get prepared: Wasteland 2 hits in September

We’ve been playing through the Wasteland 2 beta, and it is – so far – everything we could have hoped for. Today, we’ve got great news for RPG fans: The wait is nearly over – the sequel to the 1988 cult classic is arriving next month!

The news comes direct from the horse’s mouth – Interplay and inXile founder Brian Fargo posted to Twitter:

Official Wasteland 2 release date… September 19th! The 20+ year wait is soon over.

We were originally planning to play the game as early as October 2013, but the scope of the project just kept growing and growing. Fargo and the team at inXile raised more than $3 million to fund development for Wasteland 2, and with that money came a bunch of extra responsibilities and features (originally the studio was asking for a modest $900,000).

Obsidian Entertainment, another studio founded by Interplay veterans, was brought in to help work on the project – we caught up recently with co-founder Chris Avellone to chat about Wasteland 2.

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