Grab Inti Creates' Azure Striker: Gunvolt on August 29

Inti Creates, the company created by Mega Man creator Kenji Inafune after he left Capcom, is best known for the popular Kickstarter project Mighty No. 9, but that is not the only game this upstart company has been working on.  North American gamers will get to enjoy the action title Azure Striker: Gunvolt at the end of this month.

Azure Striker may remind Inafune fans of another one of his series, as it seems to play similar to the Mega Man Zero titles.  It follows the tale of Gunvolt, a young boy with the psychic ability to control lightning, which has a big impact on the gameplay.  You can take a look at the Japanese version of the game in action below:

Azure Striker: Gunvolt is a digital only title for the 3DS, and will launch at the price point of $14.99.

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