Rayman creator's new project WiLD looks beautiful

Michel Ancel, the man behind classic games like Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, has branched out on his own, working with Wild Sheep Studio to create a brand new game named WiLD.

WiLD was first shown off at Sony’s Gamescom 2014 press conference, and Ancel explains his kinda selfish reasons for creating it:

When we started working on WiLD we wanted to make sure that we would have fun playing our own game even after months and months of development! This is the reason why the world of WiLD is the size of Europe, with dynamic weather and seasons, and filled with interactive opportunities that feel endless.

We’re treated to animal life, human tribes and some stunningly beautiful untamed landscapes. Run, hunt, fish and ride animals in colourful environments… but it’s not all realistic. There’s also giants, re-animated skeletons and more than a little magic. “Every time you play,” says Ancel, “you’ll discover new things, even in the same place as before.”

The thing that sets WiLD apart from other games on the market? You can play as every single creature in the world.

The best feature came from our prototyping phase when we started playing as wolves, horses, sheep and… even trout! So we decided that in WiLD every creature should be playable, even the giant and dangerous ones!

…here’s a look at one of those giant ones (we’re not sure if this tree lady is dangerous or not, be careful!).

Our first look at WiLD

Our first look at WiLD

It’s early days yet for the PS4 exclusive, so some things will inevitably change, but for now, let’s just gaze upon this trailer and dream of what we’d do in a game world the size of Europe…

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