Hotline Miami prepares PS4 takeover

You don’t have long to wait for Hotline Miami to hit PlayStation 4 – and remember, if you’ve already bought a copy of the game on either PS3 or Vita, you’ll get the new edition for free!

Devolver Digital has just confirmed the riduclous shooter will arrive on the new platform on August 19 in North America, and August 20 across Europe.

It’s not a direct port from the last generation, either: Hotline Miami for PlayStation 4 includes a handful of new bits and pieces designed around the DualShock 4 to make everything that little bit more immersive. One particularly grim inclusion: By shaking the controller with an enemy pinned on the ground, you will be able to perform execution moves – and the sounds of the execution are amplified through the controller’s speaker.

While the new platform is good news, there’s something even better on the way: Hotline Miami 2 is in development, scheduled to release sometime later this year on PS3, PS4, Vita and PC.

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