Gods were watching, and gave us a mercy update

Gods Will Be Watching is a title all about making difficult decisions.  However, despite carefully planning out the situations you are put through and trying to find a way in which you’ll survive, it can still be quite difficult to succeed.  Perhaps a random event made one of your teammates crack and go insane, or maybe the random number generator just despises you and that three percent chance of the computer exploding happens.  While these things have a chance of happening in a real life, high tension situations, it doesn’t make for very good gameplay.

Deconstructeam has heard gamers’ pleas, and has released a patch to help ease the sting of the game.  Titled the Mercy Update, Gods Will Be Watching will receive three new modes that put less of a strain on the gamer (and more or less do away with the RNG).  Here are the descriptions available straight from the Steam page:

Puzzle Mode
All the challenge of Original Mode, but without random factors in play. If you want to remove the element of chance from the game, this is the mode for you.

Puzzle Mode Light
The easier version of the game that also removes random factors and chance. If you want to remove the element of chance and face easier puzzles, this is the mode for you.

Narrative Mode
The easiest mode and a way to enjoy the game as a narrative experience, without a heavy challenge.

Gods Will Be Watching is available on Steam now for $9.99.

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