Metro: Redux upsets bargain-hunter gamers

Looks like 4A Games has upset almost as many fans as it’s delighted, with the news of the Redux Editions of both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. According to fans, with the second game just over a year old, they should be entitled to a free upgrade to the remastered editions of both.

4A is already more generous than many studios, explaining that gamers who own the original title will get a 50% discount off of the corresponding Redux edition. Yes, you’ll still have to pay for the new content, but 4A explains that a lot of work has gone into the Redux editions, “significantly” improving both gameplay and graphics.

We thought this was a great offer – but while there are many who are clearly very happy with the deal, it’s been made clear on the Steam discussions here that there are others who think we have not done enough for owners of the existing games.

Specifically, the studio’s been hard at work on three main points:

  • Significantly updating the 4A Engine, adding (amongst many other features) Global Illumination and terrain tessellation, as well numerous performance enhancements
  • Upgrading Metro: Last Light to run in this engine, while adding some minor features such as Check Watch and Check Inventory, and some significant ones such as the new ‘Survival’ play style
  • Completely re-building Metro 2033 to run in the new 4A engine, with the new and improved Last Light gameplay framework; and adding new content and assets

We think the 50% discount is more than fair for the amount of work that has gone into this title. It is a complete remake of the original game in the latest engine, that will offer a significantly different experience from the original throughout with improved graphics, performance and gameplay.

The differences are more substantial for Metro 2033, but Metro: Last Light didn’t escape unscathed – the main change involved dropping 32-bit support, something that can’t be fixed with a simple patch.

After carefully considering a number of options, the team decided to offer a flat 50% discount to gamers who already owned the original versions of either game. If you own Metro: Last Light and don’t feel tempted to upgrade, “that’s fine,” says 4A, inviting you to vote with your wallet.

We are extremely grateful for your support for the original game – we do not expect you to purchase the Redux version, nor do we feel entitled to your custom. Make your own decision based on whether you think that $12.49 (or the local currency alternative) is worth the asking price, and we will respect that.

The price structure applies to both of the games on PC only. The console releases are both priced at US$25 each (or as a US$50 bundle) – this will vary by region.

Metro Redux launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 26.

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