King's Quest publisher Sierra plans a comeback

We have some good news for gamers of “a certain age” – Sierra is making a comeback. The adventure game studio best known for its part in the 80s point-and-click boom was closed shortly after it was acquired by Activision in 2008, but word on the street is that the label is set to return.

As spotted by online sleuths, the Sierra website is now showcasing its own logo and a message: More to be revealed at Gamescom 2014.

But let’s rewind a bit: Chances are, if you’ve ever dabbled in the 80s adventure game genre, you’ve played something from Sierra. Known back then as Sierra On-Line, the studio was behind huge names like Space Quest, Police Quest and King’s Quest and – of course – Leisure Suit Larry.

More recently, Sierra published Homeworld 2 and World in Conflict, before things got a little messy. 2008 saw parent company Vivendi Games merge with Activision, forming Activision Blizzard. Sierra was transferred to Activision, who promptly closed the studio down, lining it up for a potential sale.

That was the last we’d heard from the company until now… and happily, with Gamescom kicking off in Cologne, Germany from August 13th, we won’t have too long to wait for more!

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