Unreleased Duke Nukem game unearthed in Library of Congress

First things first. I hear you already saying, “Jonny, what in the hell is the Library of Congress!?”
Well, it’s only oldest federal cultural institution in the good ol’ U S of A! Basically, they have millions of books, photos, manuscripts and even digital infomation, all kept safe for future generations to gawk at…or appreciate, you decide which category you fit in!


Well, about the greatest thing to come out of anything congress related in a very long time, David Gibson, a moving image technician at the Library of Congress, has discovered the source disc for an unreleased PSP version of Duke Nukem: Critical Mass!

Gibson says the the library receives close to 400 videogames a year, all to be filled away into its hallowed halls because of copyright registration reasons. Gibson said he came across the UMD whilst performing a recent inventory check. After a little more digging, Gibson discovered the the disc contained an ASCII text file containing the full text and credits information for the game, along with “a large chunk of un-obfuscated software code.”

Now, I’m a simple sort but apparently this is a big deal to programmers and coders, who will “be studying this data for years to come” but all I know is even congress Duke is continuing to kick ass and chew gum!

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