Valve's Source Engine 2 found in Dota 2 toolset

So it looks like Valve might have tucked a little somethin’ extra into those Dota 2 Workshop Tools we mentioned earlier. Snooping around inside the files has revealed what may be the first official evidence of the company’s Source 2 engine – because why would that need a fanfare?

Almost as soon as the software hit the internets, gamers started peeking and poking around the files, paying close attention to DLLs, mapping file types and directory structures. It didn’t take long for people to start piecing together the less-than-subtle breadcrumbs Valve had dotted around the place.

Is this our first look at Source 2?

Well now, that’s certainly interesting…

For instance, a screenshot from a Valve developer shows the new tileset editor lurking in a directory named /source2/.

The Workshop Tools software now uses .vmap as its new mapping file type, replacing .vmf. The older files are now referred to as “Source 1.0”.

…and then there’s the fact that files that refer to the Source rendering engine all have new names. The one formerly known as engine.dll is now engine2.dll – what could that mean?

Add ’em all together, and what do you get? Well, nothing confirmed yet, but with Gamescom coming up next week in Cologne, Germany (and Valve confirmed as an attendee) many people believe the answers are not far away.

Here’s a look at the new Hammer editor for Dota 2, by the way:

We had a glimpse of something that “might” have been Source 2 back in January, when we were shown a selection of screens showing a revamped Left 4 Dead 2.

Prior to that? Two years ago, intriguing bits of code were found tucked into Source Filmmaker.

Obviously, we’re taking this one with a grain of salt, but we’re optimistic. Whether the big announcement is simply the new engine, or one of the handful of eagerly-anticipated sequels, only time will tell. Regardless of what form it takes, something big is on the way from Valve, and it’s about time.

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