The Sims 4 has boring people, too

If you thought you had the most least interesting Sim in the world, Maxis would like you to meet this guy. We don’t know his name yet, but he hasn’t let that stop him from starring in the latest trailer for The Sims 4.

…yep, he’s the guy looking all sad in the official artwork. While he might look a bit like the Dos Equis commercial guy, he’s actually all-but opposite.

This little dude lives a ridiculously boring life, but the beautiful thing is that he’s allowed to do it. You don’t have to create crazy, exciting stories in The Sims 4. You can make sadsacks like this, trudging from day to day and occasionally enjoying a serve of pancakes.

It’s your choice.

The Sims 4 hits PC and Mac around the world on September 5 – we’d like to meet a few more people before then please, EA!

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