New Pattern Vivillon released for Pokémon X/Y

If you weren’t able to get to Paris, France to grab the Pokéball design Vivillon for Pokémon X and Y, you’ve now got another chance.

The PokeBall-inspired Pattern Vivillon

The PokeBall-inspired Pattern Vivillon

The new red-and-white pattern celebrates the launch of The Pokémon Company‘s brand new online store – and rather than being locked to any geographic location, this one’s online, at

You can grab the new Pokémon now via WiFi – all you need to do is launch the game while you’re connected to the internet – the main screen will give you the option to receive a “mystery gift”. Obviously, it’s not that much of a mystery – head to any in-game Pokémon Center and speak to the Delivery Girl, she’ll hand over your new Patter Vivillon.

Whatever you do, be quick! It’ll disappear again on August 12!

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