Square Enix publishes "Dargon Quest IV" for iOS

Sometimes, typing can be really hard, and spelling things correctly even harder – but really, when adding a game to the iTunes App Store, you’d think publishers would have someone to check these things… apparently, for Square Enix, that person was away this week.

Dargon Quest IV

Taken from the Australian iTunes App Store

Dargon Dragon Quest IV is the first title in the Zenithian Trilogy, and it’s just hit the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad in selected territories (including Australia and New Zealand).

We’re hoping that by the time it gets to other places, Square Enix will have employed a spellchecker.

Of course, the game itself is still thoroughly playable, if you can get over the giggle in the title. There are no extra downloads and no in-app purchases – just grab the game once and go.

…and while this typo is pretty great, a digital title can be amended without any major problems. It’s not as bad as poor Capcom in 2012, which was hit by an impressive mess of errors, including shipping Resident Evil: Revelations as Revelaitons, promising “near-impossible chanllenges” in Asura’s Wrath, and publishing a trailer that claimed Steel Battalion had been published by Capcpom.

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