Destiny beta was, officially, really really big

Last week, we were told that 4.6 million gamers logged into the Destiny beta – today, we’ve got even more really big numbers to throw at you.

Community manager David “Deej” Dague explains:

This test was huge for us. In the final hours of our grand experiment, we put you to the real test. We knocked you down, but you got up again. We shrank the pool of available servers. We kicked you into orbit, applied patches to your ships, and watched as you descended to fight and dance and rage. Again. There was no stopping you. In the end, we had to kick the plug out of the wall.

To be precise, 4,638,937 unique players took part in the beta test – officially the biggest beta in Bungie history. 853,235 gamers were logged in at the same time on Saturday for the massive server stress-test.

Those 4.6 million players created more than 6.5 million guardians and collected more than 182.5 million orbs of light across 88 million games. Nearly a million people signed into the Destiny companion smartphone app, too.

We’re running out of ways to thank you for what the Beta has meant to us. We hope you had fun. Destiny will be a better game because you played it. Perhaps that’s the best gesture we can manage – to deliver a game that’s better than it was before your contribution.

The official infographic from Bungie has all the details you need to know – including the fact that 851,264 gamers made it to the moon, and only 429 Reaper Medals were earned by gamers who rapidly killed six enemies.

Destiny has been taken back into development at Bungie – you’ll be able to get your hands on it again on September 9, for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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