Police reveal Comic-Con cosplayer injured in fall

San Diego Harbor Police have determined that the 17-year old girl found unconscious after attending San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend was not the victim of an assault.

San Diego Comic-Con (picture by Gage Skidmore)

San Diego Comic-Con

Early stories about the girl, reportedly found “unconscious and bloody” by the side of the road, spread quickly throughout the cosplay community. Friends and convention attendees were asked to provide photographs that may fill out a timeline of where she had been in the hours leading to the incident – believed to have been an assault.

Those photographs, combined with footage from multiple surveillance cameras and the “extensive information” provided by community members, have helped police piece together what happened Saturday night.

A report from the San Diego Unified Port District Harbor Police explains the girl was found with “significant injuries” in the pool area of the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina Hotel, late Saturday night. She had attended Comic-Con during the day, and was still wearing her costume. She was taken to hospital for treatment and evaluation.

After carefully reviewing all of the available information, police concluded that the girl’s injuries were likely to have been caused by a fall from a distance of approximately six feet (2 metres) – and not the result of an assault.

Meanwhile, a 29-year old man has been arrested in connection with the case – he’s been charged with sexual contact with a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. His charges still stand, and he has not (and never has been) charged with assault.

He denies both charges, explaining that he was friends with the 17-year old victim (who he believed to be 20), never gave her alcohol and never had sex with her. The pair are believed to have gotten into an argument around midnight on Saturday about leaving the hotel – the girl didn’t want to, and ran off. An hour later, she was found unconscious by the pool.

This has been a few very hard days for me. I wasn’t there for her when this happened and I regret every second. I just hope that she pulls through this with a safe and fast recovery, please pray for her.

San Diego Police released the unusual statement “because of the high volume of inquiries about this case”, and has stated it will not release any further information about the incident as the girl involved is a minor.

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