BioWare sparks intrigue with second creepy teaser

BioWare is teasing more of its spooky upcoming project, posting another live-action trailer. This one’s named “Spark”, and confirms that more news is headed our way at Gamescom in two weeks.

Do you know they are watching?

The new teaser links to the same website as the first – – and also features a Missing Person poster for Henna Caplin.

An early email from BioWare included an image named “ShadowRealms_Teaser_video.jpg” – which just happens to tie in neatly with a trademark registered by publisher EA earlier this year.

The plot thickens: Failbetter Games (developers of browser-based choose-your-own-adventure game Fallen London) teased a new project around the same time as the registration. Details are scarce, but the studio has said it’s working on the new game with who else? BioWare.

Gamescom hits Cologne, Germany from August 13 – meanwhile, if you fancy yourself a bit of a detective, dip your toes into /r/seekinghenna – fans there are exploring just how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

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