EA rolls out new Xbox One subscription program

You will soon have a different way to get the latest titles – as long as you want them on Xbox One. EA and Microsoft have teamed up to create EA Access, a new subscription-based system that gives you access to a collection of the publisher’s biggest games on the platform.

EA Access


At EA, we are always looking for new ways to make it easier for gamers to play more EA games across all platforms, and we are excited about what EA Access will offer to players on Xbox One.

Some gamers are invited to check it all out now, as EA Access enters beta testing, but we’re told it’ll roll out to everybody with an Xbox One “soon”.

To start off with, beta testers are given access to four of EA‘s titles: FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4, and we’re promised more titles will be added to the roster before the official launch. Eventually, you’ll have access to a serious collection of games, known as The Vault.

But wait – there’s more! Xbox One gamers who subscribe to EA Access also get 10% off EA games offered on Xbox One and the invitation to check out selected games up to five days before the official release date. (The best bit? If you do check out the trial and then choose to buy the game, your progress will carry over seamlessly.)

Prices vary by region (of course), but start at AU$6.99/month (US$4.99) – or you can pick up a yearly membership if you’d prefer, for AU$39.99 (US$29.99). For more details, head to http://www.ea.com/eaaccess/

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