Borderlands patch removes SecuROM

While some publishers still insist on using the technology, 2K Games and Gearbox Software have issued a patch for Borderlands that removes all traces of SecuROM DRM from the game.


The news comes just one day after it was revealed that EA included the troublesome DRM in the free release of The Sims 2.

There’s more good news for Borderlands fans, though: The update also works towards restoring multiplayer functionality to the game, which was lost when GameSpy closed earlier this year.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Removed SecuRom from the title and all DLC
  • Added a “Granting Tool” In the steam “Tools” section that turns a retail disc into a Steam version of Borderlands
  • “News Ticker” added to the main menu to give you updates on the Multiplayer restoration updates.
  • Imported SecuRom DLC keys into Steam, so if you bought DLC outside of Steam, activate it within Steam and get your matching content.

Essentially, Borderlands is being moved from one system to another, and that includes all your DLC.

There’s no Steam-based multiplayer just yet, but it’s in the works – and the game itself will keep you informed about when things are changing.

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