First look: The Legend of Korra gameplay footage

The Legend of Korra is shaping up to be something a little bit special. It’s in the works at Platinum Games and, unsurprisingly for the studio, is a bit more of the ol’ hack-and-slash (…just with elemental powers, this time).

This is the first time we’ve seen video footage of the game, which was shown off at this weekend’s Comic-Con. And while it’s great news for video game fans, people who are fond of the anime are a little disappointed, as Nickelodeon announces that Season 3 of the series will not be shown on tv at all.

The flip side of that is the fact that series fans were told the game had been cancelled, so the shift to a digital-only format is actually good news…

Anyway. The game, also named The Legend of Korra, is a third-person experience, much like Platinum‘s earlier games Bayonetta and MadWorld (if you do something right, why change?).

There’s the inevitable elemental powers thrown in as well, plus some on-rails sections where you ride Naga through the streets.

With Platinum saying the game will last about four hours for a single playthrough, this might not be one for fans looking for a long-term investment – but the stdio also says you’ll want to play through it a couple more times, unlocking powers and difficulty levels as you go.

The Legend of Korra (the game) is set between Seasons 2 and 3 of the popular anime show, and is headed to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC as a downloadable title a little later this year.

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