Mass Effect: New Mako is better than the old Mako

Love it or hate it, BioWare has confirmed the Mako will be making a return in the next Mass Effect title. The new game – which we still don’t know much about – will focus heavily on exploration, so getting down ‘n’ dirty on the planet surface is more important than ever.

The Mako, from Mass Effect

The Mako, from Mass Effect

Mass Effect franchise producer Mike Gamble explained that – even if you hated the original all-terrain vehicle – this new Mako will be more customisable and more responsive.

The news came from (where else?) Comic-Con, held this past weekend in San Diego. A panel dedicated to the gaming franchise also showed off some character customisation options, but reminded everyone that the game is still “years away”, so everything is subject to change.

As well as more exploration, we’re promised more co-operative multiplayer (rather than competitive), with the studio making sure that fans are “surprised at just how far we’re going” with the next title – the first in the franchise to not star Commander Shepard.

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