BioWare tease is a new nightmare

…just when you thought BioWare had its hands full with Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Star Wars, the studio starts teasing another new project – and this one looks terrifying.

The time is near / They are watching / Your power is rising / Cologne, Germany / You’ve Been Chosen

The 40 second teaser trailer hints that something scary is set to be revealed at Gamescom next month in Germany. We don’t know what it’s called just yet (rumours suggest it’ll be called Shadow Realms), but if you want to find out more, there’s a website set up at You’ve Been

Let us nudge you further down the rabbit hole: There’s also Seeking, which references the trailer and features reports for a missing person named Henna Caplin, and a fake college website for the Woods-Watson Institute of Higher Learning.

…oh, and a Seeking Henna sub-reddit, which is leading many to think that perhaps, rather than a new video game, BioWare is dipping its toes into an ARG.

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