Hollywood talent gets to work on Battlefield Hardline

EA has shared a few more details about the single-player component of Battlefield Hardline – and the studio’s brought in some Hollywood big guns to help tell the story of this good cop charged with something he didn’t do.

The story starts with a look at two (good) cops. Inevitably, the tables turn against them, the pair are set up by another group, and the formerly good officers become the criminals. The game focusses on how these two fight their way out of jail and seek out justice against those who put them there.

We don’t know yet who’ll be playing what, but Kelly Hu (Nash Bridges) and Eugene Byrd (Bones) have been given major roles, with Sons of Anarchy‘s Benito Martinez and The Shield‘s Mark Rolston also appearing.

The Hollywood names don’t end there, either – Wendy Calhoun (writer and producer of Justified and Nashville) is narrative consultant on the project, joined by Bill Johnson (The West Wing, Justified) as performance director.

Calhoun explains she faced some challenges writing for a video game:

The difference [in writing] this, it was really a head-twister, but I love it: You, the gamer, are the hero. Now it’s a 3D world that you’re taking the audience and dropping them into. I have to remember that you, the audience member, you’re that character. It’s very different from TV and film.

Battlefield Hardline has been delayed into 2015, and will hit PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One when it finally gets here.

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