Deadpool arrested on Sydney train

Scared Sydney train passengers called the police this morning to report a potentially dangerous man, who appeared to be armed with automatic pistols, carrying grenades and brandishing two large samurai swords.

The man – identified as Reuben Rose – was wearing a red and black one-piece costume, complete with bandolier of bullets across his chest, and carried a black bag.

(Photo courtesy Stephen Cooper)

Deadpool cosplayer Reuben Rose signs an autograph for police

Five officers – including a sergeant and a constable dressed in bulletproof vests – stormed the carriage when the train arrived at Blacktown at around 7:20am, escorting the man onto the platform.

…it didn’t take too many questions for Reuben’s true identity to be revealed: He was a cosplayer, dressed up as Deadpool to raise money for charity, as part of a fundraising campaign called Superhero Week.

Reuben was dressed as the notorious Marvel character to help raise money for Manly’s Bear Cottage, a hospice for children. He’d decided to wear the costume to work to convince his workmates to give generously.

UPDATE: There’s actually more to this story. Before the police arrived, Reuben also spoke to the packed carriage about the work Bear Cottage does for sick kids. He was acting out an assortment of stretch goals – another included dancing with a random stranger on the train, spending an entire day at work in costume, and serving cupcakes in a pretty pinafore to his workmates.

(Photo courtesy Stephen Cooper)

Deadpool cosplayer Reuben Rose waits for a train

A police representative labelled Mr. Rose “a bit of an idiot” for attempting his morning commute dressed in full cosplay, and Sydney Trains were reportedly unimpressed by the 10 minute delay caused by the police interaction.

Reuben was asked to put all his plastic weaponry into his bag and was then allowed to catch the next train to work. He was not charged with any offense.

To applaud this brave cosplayer (and to help change the lives of sick kids), please show your support for Deadpool (and Bear Cottage!).

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