The Last of Us sells 7m, opens PS4 pre-orders

More than seven million gamers have picked up a copy of The Last of Us – and that’s before the remastered release hits shelves later this month. Predictably, Naughty Dog‘s just a little bit proud.

To celebrate, as well as that whole polished-up, remastered, PlayStation 4 version, the studio has revealed that there’s some new multiplayer DLC in the works – and it’s set to hit both consoles, thanks to Sony‘s cross-buy function.

Similarly, any paid-for in-game content will be available through cross-buy, so if you’ve got both versions, you won’t have to pick a favourite.

We’ve still got our fingers crossed for more single-player stuff, but we’re happy with whatever we can get our hands on.

And! We’ll be able to get our hands on the PlayStation 4 Remastered edition by the end of the month – pre-orders are available now through the Sony Entertainment Network.

Remember, pre-ordering the game will net you some tasty goodies in the Day One exclusive Survival Pack:

  • Increased crafting speed.
  • Increased healing speed.

    9mm reload speed upgrade.

    Rifle clip capacity upgrade.

    Two skins for Joel and Ellie (unlocked after completing the single-player campaign).

    Bonus XP for multiplayer.

    Multiplayer melee attack booster.

    Extra in-game cash.

    Special customisable character items for multiplayer.

Something interesting about this remastered version: You’ll be locked to 30 frames per second on PS4, and you’ll have to download a Day One patch.

However, that patch will introduce a “Photo Mode”, like we’ve seen before in inFamous: Second Son, so it’s not all bad.

The Last of Us: Remastered hits PlayStation 4 around the world on July 29.

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