WWE 2K15 gets a Sting-ing pre-order bonus

Sting, one of sports entertainment’s most iconic characters, is getting ready for showtime, as he’s confirmed as the pre-order bonus for gamers getting in on WWE 2K15.

Sure, it’s just a teaser trailer – and sure, there’s not actually any gaming footage contained therein – but 2K Games has told us a few (not many!) more details.

You’ll actually be able to get your hands on two different versions of Sting. At this stage, we’re guessing they’re probably the “old-school”, face-painted version, and the newer, Crow-like version, potentially with baseball bat.

Other things we don’t know: Whether you’ll be able to play “The Icon” without pre-ordering the game. Last year’s pre-order bonus, the Ultimate Warrior, was eventually made available as premium DLC for both Xbox and PlayStation gamers, so we’re thinking Sting might get the same treatment.

With WWE 2K15 headed to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 on October 28th, we’re expecting all these things will be revealed in good time.

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