Music fans: Archlord 2 needs your help!

It seems that Cris Velasco has created a pretty awesome soundtrack for MMO Archlord 2, but he’s forgotten one of the most important things: Titles for all of the songs. Can you help?

You might have heard some of those themes already in game, while exploring Green Hills peacefully or fighting for your life in Locan’s Lab… But the world of Chantra is limitless, and it would be a shame for your ears to miss out on some of this great work. Also, it’s a chance for you to have a look, or an ear… at the other faction’s atmosphere… Yes… even the ruthless Orc can find peace while listening to an Azuni theme… and it works the other way around as well! Deep down in all those massive orcs, there is always a heart beating, or maybe not… but still, there is a heart!

The entire soundtrack is available right now for free, but none of the 20 tunes has a name just yet.

You are invited to share your ideas for each of the pieces – whether you’ve got the perfect name for one, or titles for all of them – please head to the Webzen forums and tell ’em what you’ve got.

The team at Webzen like to share things, so once all 20 tracks have been named, rather than awarding prizes to individual gamers, the studio’s instead going to open up a 20% bonus gold weekend in Archlord 2, so that everybody can join in the fun.

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